Thursday, March 25, 2010

new post

new post:

i love the kathy griffin show. are blogs pointless?

yes they are pointless. are dogs pointless? are dates jobless? are skies truthful? what? you?

anyway... i want to be as unrandom as possible so i will list things:

sugary purple pink gum
and pink fingernails that are getting in my WAY
and a glass
and a salt shaker
this is a poem, btw
a five pound weight
or three
and some papers n shit
a pen and a knife
some old crappy carnations
my ass on a couch
stuff and like eyebrows

and this is folks what j's apt looks like on a thursday evening, not to quiet not too unpleasant. i am all alone but i am okay tonight. last night i was all alone and i felt like dying. tonight i feel... like hanging out. with all my objects. me and my objects and their colors and shapes and sizes. also i ate a really delicious cookie that probably has way too much to do with my mood.

was talking to my one roommate about how i dont want to be on this medicine bc it will make me fat and how shallow i feel bc of this and she said why does it have to be shallow? why shouldnt we care if we are fat? of course we should. americans make everything wrong. she didnt say that but i do. i love classifying in big ginormous groups. no but seriously--why should i feel guilty for not wanting to put on weight? am i that transcendental that i have to pretend that it is only all of our spirit souls flying around that concern me and not the material everyday, like how much of my ass i feel squishes out when i sit down? i say you are better off concerning yourself with the latter, not so much the former, which you dont have too much control over anyway.

it's been a while

wow two people read my blog! i am a huge success.

but now i dont know what to write.

perhaps it was better when i just wrote for me. yes, it was.

today i was driving and i was having conversations with myself. (partially aloud, mostly in head). and in my (jonathan just came out of the bathroom with his hair all slicked back and he said, "hey" and i said you look like you belong in the movie "american grafitti." remember that chick with the huge buck teeth? she was awesome). head i was saying how i dont like to be called a writer but just a person who writes. why do i have all these negative attachments with the word writer? but i do. i dont know.